International Woman Day

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International Woman Day

The international woman day is celebrated all over the world on March eighth of each year. The women on that day celebrate their motherhood, and therefore their families in their households. The women face many challenges, depending where they live, and they all have to know how to maintain their households. That is why it hurts to hear that family violence is still an issue in countries for example, where alcoholism and substance abuse is still an issue. Women should continue to fight the plagues that affect their families especially when that can have a bad impact on the children they will bear. Nowadays, mothers can attend clinics to be educated on family planning, so that with their children they will be able to build a better world.

Now, the international woman day shows that women in more advanced countries are not as happy as we thought. The housing problem is still a big issue. In order to have healthy family, children need to be able to have some leisure time, for example go to the park for a walk or to play. This is the advantage that children in under developed countries have.

In order to go to live in the least developed countries, it is asked to the populations coming from the advanced countries to be qualified. This can help the advanced countries to program their education system accordingly, so that the man power that wants to move to Africa, or Asia can contribute to a sustainable develop, and respect the environment, because pollution is still a problem due to the emanation of gas, which is not well refined by the manufactures.

The other issue is about family planning, because with the over population in Asia, some parts of Africa and France, populations have had to think about going to other countries. This means that populations have to be educated to tolerance, and accept another way of living, and spirituality, where populations respect the environment more than anywhere else in the world.

So, the search for happiness has not ended, there are still astronauts going to look for other places in the world to live. It seems that the planet Mars is a very interesting one, because water has been found there, and therefore life is possible on that planet.

Women give life and they know they have to be careful with this because they can be good or bad mothers depending on how they think they are in this world. The fact is that women have to love their husbands and children and the world will be wonderful.


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