Increasing the traffic on your articles

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Traffic is the amount of people who click on your article or website. This does not include you, unless you do it from someone else’s computer. There are a number of things you need to know about, before you can increase the traffic to your articles. The first thing you need to focus on is getting the right amount of keywords in your article, then you need to include a good photo if you can, the title has to be easily found in a search, so that someone will type in that exact phrase into google, and you don’t want to be competing with too many other articles with the same title, as they have been around longer, and have had more traffic, meaning they will push you off the first page of search results.

You need to make links to your articles, from places like facebook, and Twitter. Bukisa has a feature that allows you to connect to Twitter or Facebook with an RSS feed that automatically posts a link to your articles every time you publish a new one. Do some searching, if you can, you want to create a chain of automatic link posting, through one RSS feed linking to another site, which then links to another site, creating a chain of links automatically, every time you publish an article. How does this increase traffic on your articles?

To increase traffic to your articles, the best way is to try to make your article come up on the first page of results for a given search, and possibly to ask your friends to start you off with some extra traffic. There are many things that google takes into account when working out your google rating. They look at your keywords, and complimentary keywords for relevance, they look at the links leading to your site, they look at the age of the site, (older the better), the amount of traffic, and the domain it is connected to. I will explain in more detail how to use your keywords and phrases in the right percentage per total amount of words, and how link weight is calculated, in the next chapter: Writing articles online


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