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The first thing you need to know about writing articles online, if you want to be seen in a google search, is how to get the right keyword density. If you are serious about making money from your writing, or getting a particular view seen by lots of people, you will need to use a keyword tool, to help you come up with the right complimentary keywords to use in your article before you even start writing.

Let’s say you wanted to write about writing articles online for example. I google: free keyword tool, and I find one like the free keyword tool on wordstream.com, and I type in writing articles online. I get a list of related words and phrases like this: get paid for writing articles and stories online, make money online writing articles, writing articles on the internet, publishing articles on the web, online article writing, etc. So once you have your keywords, and keyword phrases, what do you do with them?

To begin with, you have your first tagged keyword, which is the most important. You will want to use this in every paragraph throughout your article, making up 2-10% of the whole article body. Then your next tagged keyword also has to be in every paragraph, and it should be used in about the same percentage, for the number of total words. After that, you fit in your complimentary keywords and phrases like article writing, publishing articles on the web, online article writing etc, and that’s about all there is to it.

You may want to position the keywords and complimentary keywords in an easy to read manner, so that the site you’re writing articles for doesn’t get annoyed with you, but so long as you can read the article from start to finish, and it has lots of keywords about writing online articles or whatever your article is about, you will place in a search and get paid per click. Then you have to link to your articles.

For information on how to link to your articles, and how link weight is calculated click here on: Link weight: what is it, and how does it improve your google rating and if you haven’t joined Bukisa yet, it’s free and easy to join and start writing articles onine about whatever you like: JOIN BUKISA


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