Cheap Wedding Invitations

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First start out by writing an invitation list. This will take a bit of doing. You will need to get organized especially if you want your wedding to be successful. Make sure you have everyone’s full name or title and their correct address.

Now, you will need to get your supplies together. A great place to get some great help is at the different online web sites. At these different sites you will be able to find everything from do it yourself templates, envelopes to style your way and create your self, wedding invitations, and really so much more.   If you decide to go to your local business supply store or look at the ones on line you will find some cheap invitation card stock for your cheap wedding invitations. When shopping online always look for bargains and sales first.  

Next you will need to get some ideas on the wording. There are web sites online that can give you some really awesome ideas. Take a look at the wording on the web site and then come up with you own style and wording.  

Your invites should be mailed out at least six weeks before your wedding. You will need to give your guests plenty of time to RSVP so that you can get an accurate count at least three weeks before your wedding.   For ideas on invites you will be able to get templates from some wedding stationary sites. Your local business supply store should also have plenty of card stock and specialty paper for wedding invites for you to choose from. Again if shopping at the store look for the discount section of specialty paper in the shop.

Some other ways to help save you money is to purchase a wedding invitation kit. This will allow you to make them yourself right on your computer. You can also get these wedding invitation kits online also. Bargain shop first for the best deals on a wedding invitation kit.

Cheap wedding invitations can be awesome if you take your time to create them. Make sure that you do plenty of searching, make the hand-written addresses elegant or use your computer and printer. In the end you will not sacrifice style you’ll just save money.


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