Importance of Communication between Husband and Wife.

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Communication is a critical element in maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse. When we are young it is the most wonderful feeling to fall in love, spend time together, make love, laugh, cry, just enjoying one another.

When a couple marries, they plan to spend the rest of their lives with one another, possibly raise a family, and experience what ever life has to offer. It is true the “Honeymoon” doesn’t last forever. However, the Honeymoon phase is awesome even if it only lasts a short time.

My best advice to newly married couples, wait at least 3-4 years before starting a family. Devote the first couple of years of marriage to one another. Most important, you must “communicate” with one another each and every day for the rest of your lives. By the time your head hit’s the pillow and lights go out, you need to tell one another “I Love you”!

After the Honeymoon is over and the kids come along every thing changes. Children are a joy, but they require a great deal of time and attention until they are old enough to be on their own. Make sure as a couple you are involved in every aspect of the children’s lives. Parents must communicate with their children, it is just as important as communication between husband and wife.

Husband and wife still need time alone away from the kids. No matter how time consuming it may be to care for the children, a married couple must plan weekends with one another away from the children. Ask the Grandparents or a close friend to care for the children while you are away.

It is critical that a couple communicate through touching and love making. As we age intimacy may be less frequent but it is still important and it brings a couple closer together every time. Every day of our married lives, husband and wife continue to grow and get to know each other more and more.

Decision making should always be 50/50. Both husband and wife must have equal say in every single decision which is made. A couple may not always agree on every thing, it is important to talk things through and establish some common ground.

We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. Husbands and wife will make plenty of mistakes. Never belittle a spouse for something that he or she may have done, talk things through, learn to forgive and continue to grow together.

If communication breaks down with in a family unit, especially between husband and wife then you are in trouble. No one ever said marriage was ever easy, like any thing else it takes work and the results can be very rewarding


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