How do you improve your google rating?

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The most important thing if you want a good placing in a search is keywords. Try googling keyword tool, and you will surely find one that can give you relevant, complimentary keywords to include along with your tagged keywords, to give you the right mixture needed to seem relevant to google, and give you a good google rating. Once you have the right mixture of keywords in your article, you will want to make links to it. Link weight is transferred from one site to another in this way: if site a has a link weight rating of 100, and it links to site b and c, both get a transferred link weight of 50. So there is no point in making hundreds of links from the one URL address, it just doesn’t work.

It is not easy to create a good google rating, google rates articles higher the older they are, the more good photos they have, but mostly, it rates articles based on the keywords, and the links leading to it. You can make good links automatically on this site by setting up an RSS feed to Twitter or facebook pages, meaning that every time you publish a new article, your RSS feed automatically posts a link on those sites. If you can discover the right sites to use, you can probably make an automatic link chain for every article you publish. To tell you the truth, I don’t know all that much about it. You practically need a degree in online marketing to know how to make a huge success of your articles straight away, it just takes time, you need to write hundreds, and thousands of articles, about anything, as long as it can get found in a search, and has the right percentage of keywords, and comlimentary keywords. You could spend ages making links to your articles, but if you just publish regularly, you will probably get just as many hits because of that, and then you will have more to work with.


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