Technology Just Got Light and Thin

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              We knew how change affects things. In terms of technology, perhaps you will remember how music evolved from being played on record discs, cassette tapes, compact discs and the present MP3 players. We have our share of those bulky players and space consuming cassette tapes and compact discs until the medium shrunk in size too small that you could pocket an iPod or any MP3 player with thousands of songs to select from. It is truly amazing that even the cassette tape and the player had morphed into one including the batteries that could be recharged a hundred times.

             The advent of personal computer just started in 1981 upon IBM’s introduction of its IBM PC home computer but we knew that the history of computer technology itself could be traced back in 1936 (Z1 Computer by Konrad Zuse). The first functional laptop called the “Gavilan Computer” was introduced in 1983 and the evolution of laptop computer technology started. To make the story short, we have now the present wide screen laptops and smaller, lighter netbooks. Could you imagine the difference if these present computer platforms still have room for changes to come up with something better and lighter?

             Light Blue Optics is a company involved in miniature projection systems and based in Cambridge, UK. Its recent production offer is the Light Touch, a laser projector that projects an interactive, 10 inch touchscreen computer on a flat surface. It works like a touchscreen computer except for the fact that the LCD touchscreen was replaced by an image reflected on a flat surface. So a slight touch will lead you to navigate your way to the screen and perhaps if you have extremely sharp, pointed fingers like Wolverine, you need not worry about damaging your computer screen but be obliged to repaint your tabletop, whichever applies. So, given the right time and budget, you could look forward at shrinking the size and weight of your regular laptop or netbook except the screen size. You just need to move through flat surface though if you need to open up the computer screen.         


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