LOVE- Is it Real?

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Is love really a mind over matter thing? Does it really exist in the cosmos? The question is, is it just a design of thought, or a part of social norm?  The answers to these questions depend on your own account of experiences. One has different perception on what is and what is not.

Most girls still believe in love and romance. The most romantic moment for a girl’s life is to experience true love.  A proposal on a yacht, a simple “will you marry me?” or “are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me?” is more than a sound of music. It giggles a heart’s girl. Time pauses for a moment, the yacht seemed to slow down and the world seemed to stop for a while, even boat flags appear to be sparkling. Everything that surrounds her will become part of this very exceptional memory.

The idea of being in love makes everything sparks. The positive outlook in all that is about your partner is magical. Girls generally tend to forget the downbeat of her boyfriend. This is also true for boys. But as far as I am concerned, as a girl, if we are in the spirit of affectionately and romantically in love all are sparkling with effervescence. You can even single out him in the middle of a hundreds of people always having always the spotlight on him. Such a crazy thought but most experience this and can relate to this.

Love is magical and powerful.


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