Fashion Speaks within you

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Are you aware of the latest clothing fad? Or anything that is of fashion? Do you read fashion magazines and follow the clothing ways of the print models? Well, you might be a trend conscious person.

To tell you, your whimsical side is commonly judged by the way you dress or accentuate yourself. You marked the impression of your personality to others by the way you look. On my own personal view, you do not have to wear what is in or abandon what is out of fashion. Wear anything you want with confidence. You can have your own fashion statement. Say, if you want to be someone noticeable you can dress and look like a walking Catalonia country flag. People will notice you because of its eye catching color combination of yellow and red. You will be publicly noted because of the colors but people might not realize you are wearing a Catalonia flag. Only few know its color and simple design.

Confidence in you will bring out your coolness. If you dare to be different it is your choice. If you wanted to be simple and somewhat plain, still it is your choice.  Individuality is always in and chic. Plagiarism has no place for expressing your uniqueness. In the end what really matters is that what is inside your facade. Bring out the best in you and the rest of your charm will simply follow. What is important is your happiness. You are not born to please every person you meet. Be unique yet elegant.


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