Make Brazilian Fried Bananas and Fried Rice Balls Plus a Vegetable Salad

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Here is two recipes from Brazil you can make for your next international pot luck or to introduce food from other lands to your family or students. Fried Bananas and Fried Rice Balls from Brazil are easy, healthy dishes to make and don’t worry, ingredients can be bought at your area grocery store. Make these with your kids on a lazy weekend.

I’m putting up recipes from my vast collection for anyone out there who is looking for hard to find recipes or ones that are long lost that they remember from childhood.  So far, my articles are getting lots of views, so I will keep going!  These recipes would be great to take to an international pot luck or made in order to introduce your kids or students to foods from other lands. Have fun and Happy Cooking!

Step 1

FRIED BANANAS: Peel bananas. Split bananas in half lengthwise. Beat 1 large egg in a bowl. Roll banana halves in egg, then roll them in fine bread crumbs to coat. Repeat till all used. Fry them in hot oil in a large heavy skillet.

Step 2

FRIED RICE BALLS: Make rice as you normally do. Add a little milk, flour, garlic salt, and fresh chopped parsley. Mixture should hold together. Form into balls. Fry in hot oil in a heavy skillet or deep fryer.

Step 3

BRAZILIAN VEGETABLE SALAD: Mix together 1 can of drained Peas, 1 can drained Carrots, 5 cut-up Tomatoes, 5 cut up cooked potatoes, and 5 chopped hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper to taste. Stir in some Mayonnaise. Serve.

Step 4

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