Magical Moments in High School

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The generally cherished classmates and friends are those we have in secondary schools. Often than not we have the same classmates the whole year round.  That is why the closeness is really magical. We spent much more years with them than those we met in universities. After finishing the secondary course, we still find ways to keep in touch with them. Some even go to the same university with the same courses or different ones.

The valuable time of being together is not easily forgotten. Every year high school classmates get together. Some do it every after four or five years. Missing each other much, the most to do is to have a program, have a dinner ball or any activities to unite the group again. There are those who make special items such as memorabilia. When having a grand great together of all who graduated on the same school, some batches made their own logos of their batch to identify themselves from the rest. They use this when they are in a parade of batches with each of their muses carry their custom made batch crest flag having their batch year affixed to it. It is sometimes conventional to have crest flags printed on tees for remembrance of the event.

Some have their offspring already. Happily married, they bring along their family, introduce them to the rest of the batch. Reminiscing moments of romance that grew during those years, reunited with exes who are still friends, others even have relationship grew stronger each year. These are special memories that have a propensity to recollect. Some laughed at it even those embarrassing moments of some batch mates. This is such a never-ending story to tell—high school drama.


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