Farmville Few: 6 New Ways to Earn It and Find It

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Farmville Fuel is a necessary item for large farms and efficient farmers. For Farmville farmers who do not see the need to use real money to buy virtual fuel, Zynga has introduced new ways to earn fuel for free.

Farmville Few: New Ways to Earn It and Find It

1. Plow Your Farm for Fuel* NEW 3/4/2010

You can find free Farmville fuel for your friends while plowing your own farm. If you find fuel, don’t expect to find anymore until tomorrow, as you can only find fuel through plowing once per day.

The fuel may also be available only to share, which is why you need to use your extra players to fully benefit from the free fuel feature. If Extra Player 1 plows her field and finds fuel to share, allow Farmville to publish the found free fuel announcement on your Facebook page. Now your main account player and all of your extra players can claim the free fuel.

2. Fertilize Your Neighbors’ Farms* NEW 3/4/2010

In addition to finding collectibles through fertilizing, now you can find free Farmville fuel when you fertilize your neighbors’ Farmville farms. This is one way Zynga is encouraging Farmville neighbors to be more interactive. While Farmville has not reached the level of FarmTown in this regard, which lets farmers pay each other to plow and harvest fields, it looks like they are on their way.

3. Send Farmville Gifts back through “Farmville Gold Requests”* NEW 3/4/2010

Before you add new neighbors and send gifts or gold at random, check your Facebook notifications for “1 Farmville gold request.” If you want free Farmville view, be sure to respond to these requests first. You can receive fuel for sending gold with the first send optoin on the page. You can only do this 10 times a day.

4. Feed Your Neighbors’ Chickens

Mystery eggs sometimes contain free Farmville fuel.

5. Ask for Mystery Gifts

Free Farmville fuel can also be found in Mystery Gifts.

6. Upgrade Your Farm

The act of upgrading your farm will not initially generate free Farmville fuel. However, the larger your farm, the quicker your Farmville fuel tank will fill.


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