Daylight Savings Time 2010: When does it start, end, and how to remember

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On your mark get set go, spring forward, fall back. Daylight Savings Time 2010, will begin at 2 A.M. On Sunday, March 14 the second Sunday and will end on the first Sunday in November, which is November 7 my wedding anniversary how can I forget?

Now that we know when daylights savings time 2010 starts, what does this mean for us? Well, for most people who enjoy the daylight, the spring forward will give you one more hour to enjoy seeing exactly what you are doing on the roads, outside, or in your house without having to use so many lights.

Unfortunately daylights savings time for others could cause a slight damper on their sleep. Spring forward will mean lose an hour of sleep. So anyone who really needs that extra time, go to bed an hour earlier.

I don’t get much sleep now, so this time change probably wont affect me. I personally would like to have that extra daylight, so after school I can do my kids homework with them, and while dinner is cooking we can play outside  not having to worry about getting dark so quickly around 4-4:30.

Is daylight savings time a advantage or disadvantage? This is suppose to save energy, but in todays world, I see this as a disadvantage. Look at it this way. Even though we only lose one hour of sleep, for many this can put a huge damper on their driving abilities. Why? Because like many (my husband included) likes to wake up 1/2 hour before work, and go. If he loses that hour of sleep he will have loss of concentration at the wheel. More car accidents happen.

Anyway, on March 14, 2010 set your clocks ahead one hour, before you go to sleep. If you have a hard time remembering due to loss of memory, medications,or ICRSS, which stands for I Can’t Remember *hit Syndrome,

Use a Daylight Savings MySpace graphic, which will help remind you to set your clock. To find out how, you can go here.


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