Children`s Thermometer Review

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There is nothing more important than the health and safety of babies and children. When they get sick parents often panic and hope that their child does not have a fever. High fevers in children have been associated with some pretty scary illnesses.

Although not every fever is going to be serious it is important to be able to have a thermometer to check for fevers and give medicine and seek medical attention if the fever is extremely high or does not go away.

There are many different kinds of thermometers to get for kids. Some are fairly high tech, while others are more old fashion and simple. While electronic thermometers will give you digital and accurate results, they require a battery to operate. And simple old fashion non-digital thermometers may not be battery operated, they do take longer to read and it can be harder to see the results.

Safety 1st prograde thermometer is a thermometer that is designed for many uses. It has an auto sensor and can recognize each tip; for the rectal, underarm and oral. This device can give a five second reading and has ten memory recalls with the temperature and time. It also has a clean me alert signal. This product will flash with a red bar when a fever is present, which takes out any guess work, which is quite handy if a child wakes in the middle of the night.

The summer infant grow with me ear thermometer is a great one to have. It has two probe tips for extra sanitation, and it was a fever alert glow light for easy viewing. This thermometer comes with 12 memory storage of past fever amounts and times.

Safety 1st hospital choice thermometer gift set is an ultra fancy one to have. It comes with probe cover free technology for rectal, oral or underarm. The tips are also cleanable instead of having to buy them and keep reapplying. This device can also give a three second reading for even faster results.

Safety 1st Accu-Touch forehead thermometer is a simple one to have. This product is designed for the whole family in mind, so you can use it with a baby or an older adult. This thermometer can give results in seven seconds which is still fairly fast. It can do a reading on the forehead or underarm. A forehead reading is not very popular but can still give you accurate results and may be easier for a sick child to cooperate with.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a thermometer. You will want one that is easy to use and fool proof. Many times you may be wakened in the middle of the night and you may be half asleep, so fumbling with anything complicated might not be convenient for you. Sometimes buying a thermometer with removable disposable tips can be trying at times. If you run out and are having trouble finding them in the store to refill, your thermometer will not work without them, and because fevers often happen with no warning, it might be a better idea to have one that is error proof and easier to use in all environments. You will also want to consider a travel size thermometer, so that you can take it on the go and have room to put it in diaper bags and purses if need be.

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