How to read and use a pregnancy test.

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If you have never been pregnant or have never used a pregnancy test this is the information you need to know.  Okay the tradional pregnancy test are not that hard to read but some women get mixed up on the .  First of all you will have to know how to use the pregnancy test, easier said then done.  Take the test out you could either pee on the end of the test of 30 seconds or pee in a cup and dip the test in the cup for 30 seconds. There is another kind where you will have to pee in a cup and use a dropper to drop three drops on the test.  Wait atleast three mins for the test to get the result (usually if you are pregnant the test gets the result in the first couple of seconds).  Put the test on a flat surface and dont bother it until it is done reading or after three mins.  If you are NOT pregnant the test will only have one line-. If you are in face pregnant the test will have two lines =.  When buying pregnancy test make sure to buy atleast two just incase you mess up on one of them, every test is the same there is no better test out there all these test are just meant to test for hCG in the urine.  hCG is a hormone in your body while your pregnant.  There are also another type of test called digital pregnancy test, you also use this test the same way you would use a regular test but these test have a digital feedback that either says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. If the test comes out poistive make sure to call your OB to make an appointment.  If your result comes out negitive but you still think you may be pregnant call your health care provier and have them order a blood test for you.  Blood test could detect pregnancy early on in its weeks, sooner then a pregnancy test could.


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