Early signs of pregnancy

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Do you think you may be pregnant?  Here are a few early signs of pregnancy that you can not miss.  Dying to know if you could be pregnant?.  One of the signs of pregnancy is called morning sickness, this sign is the most unliked sign of pregnancy. Morning sickness does not just happen in the morning it could also happen anytime of the day.  Morning sickness is usually when you wake up in the morning and vomit, it could happen in the middle of the day and also the middle of the night.  Tender breast and darkening nipples is also a early sign of pregnancy, your breast would hurt even if you lightly touch them.  “Spotting” is also a real early sign of pregnancy, this is actually what is referred as implantation bleeding, this is when to embryo implants into the uterus.  Many women mistake implantation bleeding as their period.  Have to use the restroom frequently, you are now having to pee for two, also, the uterus is really low and sitting on top of the bladder making this pressure on it thats why you have to use the restroom more often.  Fatigue is a major pregnancy sign, this usually last only 1st trimester then comes back in the 3rd trimester.  Nausea, feeling like you are going to vomet for no reason at all.  Sensitivity to the smells of food and other smells,  certain foods or purfumes scents will make you want to vomit when you smell them.  Bloating,  this bloating feels like the kind you have when you are on your period, sometimes having this will make it hard to zip up your pants.  You temperture may be higher then normal making you sweat.  And the most important one of all the MISSED PERIOD.  After 5 days of having your missed period take an over the counter pregnancy test.  If this test is negitive but you still feel like you may be pregnant get ahold of your doctor to make an appointment.   


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