difficult day to play with the guinea pig

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I think this day is quite tiring day ..
I stayed home last night my friend with my friends ..
we spent time together to watch a DVD .. Then this morning I come home with a friend of mine .. And I have to clean my cage Guinea Pig ..
What you need to know, that the guinea pig dung was very smelly and dirty .. So, when I cleaned it I had to close my nose with a cloth to avoid the stinging smell ..

After that, I think to make him a toy, but what happens is I make decorations for the cage to become more attractive .. I made the material “Impraboard” so not too difficult to make ..

very easy way to make this cage .. that needs to be noticed is the size of the cage to be made .. because I thought, “Chihiro and Chiko” (the name of my guinea pig) will not run away, so I make a cage with a lower side .. So that I can play them with ease ..

Actually better made a higher side with a height of about 35cm .. It is a measure of safety for your pet Guinea Pig if you hawatir guinea pig that you will escape or run away ..but I think you do not need to be hawatir it .. guinea pig because you will think “it’s useless if I’ll run away .. I would not get food again ..” so that they will remain quiet in a comfortable cage.

Now, all has passed .. And now it’s time for me to relax .. I think this is a good lesson to make my pet happier .. haha .. lol


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