Prepare Venison in a Pressure Cooker / Canner

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Make sure your venison (deer meat) is clean.  This means free of “shot” from the bullet, no visible membrane or white muscle connective tissue remaining. When clean, cut into bite sized cubes.

Fill clean mason jars with the cubed venison.

Add a tsp of salt to each jar.  The size of the jar is up to you.  Other spices can also be added at this point, whatever your tastes may be.  Some to consider are oregano, garlic, dried or fresh onions, bay leaf, etc.

Once your jar is packed up to the neck of the jar – no higher, clean the rim of the jar with a wet cloth.  Then dry the rim, making sure that it is clean. This is important to the sealing process.

Apply the lid (no need to sterilize) and rim to the jar.  Hand tighten.  Place jar in canner / pressure cooker.  Continue this process until the pressure cooker is full.

Add water (according to the manufacturer’s directions) to your specific canner / pressure cooker.  Put the top on your pressure cooker.  Turn on the heat to the stove to high.  Now you are ready to “can” the meat.

Once steam is rising out of the release valve on your canner, it is time to add the counter weight to the top.  This will allow the pressure to increase in the canner and start the process of cooking the meat.

Bring the pressure in the canner up to 15 pounds.  You will need to cook the meat for 20 minutes at 15 pounds of pressure.  Be vigil in watching.  You will need to regulate the heat to keep it at the 15 pounds of pressure.

Once the meat has cooked for 20 minutes, turn off the stove.  Allow the canner to sit until it cools completely.  Only when it is completely cool can you safely remove the canner lid and remove the jars.

Congratulations!  You now have jars of canned venison to use at a moments notice.  Useful for stews, soups, and main dishes.Thank you for reading my article.  Please take the time to rate it also.


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