RuneScape: Blackjacking Guide

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Blackjacking is the fastest method of training thieving from levels 45 to 91 with pyramid plunder giving the same experience from 91 to 99 (unlike what many people think). It involves hitting a villager, bandit or thug at Pollnivneach with a blackjacking a stealing from them with a 100% success rate while they are out. Many people find this method dull and boring and many do pyramid plunder to get from 45 to 99. But in fact, blackjacking gives heaps more experience per hour! I am very experience at blackjacking having spent 2 weeks blackjacking from 72 thieving to 99. Note that the speeds in this guide depend on how often you spend blackjacking and/or how much you concentrate.

Minimum Requirements

Quests – The Feud

Skills – at lest 45 thieving

Recommended Requirements

Quests – Slug Menace and Swept Away and added the Sorceress Garden teleport to the broom/Smoking Kills

Skills – Decent prayer (70+ would be fine), decent defence (60+ would be fine)

Other – Seers Diary Hard, Ardougne Diary Hard, Falador Diary Hard, Lumbridge Diary Medium and unlocked more blackjacks from Rogue Trader

Items Needed

Your inventory should have some coins (1k or more), enhanced Excalibur (if you can get it), noted food (preferable wines but trout would do) and un-noted food. I would recommend full prayer gear. Wear proselyte body and legs, helm of Neitznots, Ardougne cloak 3, Falador Shield 3/any spirit shield, amulet of fury/amulet of glory/stole, Bandos boots,/white boots/dragon boots, explorers ring 3, regen bracelet and maple blackjack (o) or (d).

Pictures taken by author (the lobsters and monkfish should be wines or trouts whatever you prefer)(the armour should look like that).

Getting There

I would recommend getting there 2 ways. You could use a slayer ring (a slayer ring (1) would be preferable). This will teleport you near Sumona which is very close to where you have to go. Or you could use the broomstick to teleport to the Sorceress Garden which is close to the Shatay Pass. If you cannot use these methods, you could walk to Al Kharid or glory there.


When you get to Pollnvineach, lure a bandit or thug (depending on your thieving level) to a house, preferably with a ladder and close the curtain. Having an empty house will be beneficially. (Note you cannot knock-out you victim if there is another of the same type of NPC close-by). When you are ready, right click your bandit/thug and click on the option “knock-out”. Then instantly right-click your bandit/thug and while he is falling, click on the “pickpocket” option. Right-click them again instantly. When you hear the sound of you pickpocketing them, or when you see the words at the bottom of the screen read “you attempt to pickpocket”, instantly click on the “pickpocket” option to pickpocket your bandit/thug again. When you pickpocket them the second time, instantly right-click on them again and click knock-out instantly. Then right-click on them again and click “pickpocket” while they are falling. Then right-click again and click on “pickpocket” when the sound of pickpocketing them turns up or when the words “you attempt to pickpocket” comes up at the bottom, pickpocket again. Then knock hem out again and repeat! This may take several hours to get used to so be patient. If you fail to knock-out you victim, do not click on pickpocket as if you fail, you will loose lots of time. If you fail to knock-out, do not panic. Calmly mouse down and click on “knock-out” before the bandit/thug attempt to hit you with a real attack. If you mis-click or you react to late, climb up the ladder in the house. If a ladder is not located in your building, leave your house and climb some stairs or a ladder making sure your bandit/thug leaves.. Doing this method, you should be getting 100k experience/h at bandits, 200k experience/h at thugs from under level 91 and up to 280k experience/hour at 91+. This should allow you to get 99 thieving from 45 i about 3 weeks or less .The video below may help:


This video I made above will put what I told you into practice. I would advise only to use the video if you don’t know what to do or you just want to see if it works. It is a bit blurred though.


Q: Which one is better, maple blackjack (d) or (o)?

A: I don’t really know if the maple blackjack (o) has a higher chance of knocking the bandit/thug out so I’d say maple blackjack (d).

Q: Why prayer armour?

A: You can use the prayer “rapid restore” to heal even more health faster. And Falador Shield can increase the time you use prayer by using the “restore prayer” function.

Q: Why is Enhance Excalibur useful?

A: The enhanced Excalibur’s special attack recovers 20 health which will do a lot from all your levels.

Q: Why not wear gloves of silence instead?

A: Very good question. In blackjacking, you are attempting to get 100% chance of success so you don’t really need the extra chance of successfully pickpocketing. And plus the regen bracelet heals 1 HP every 15 seconds which will heal a lot in a large amount of time.

Q: Could you use a bunyip?

A: A bunyip would be very useful at low levels but at higher thieving levels, you seldom loose health. I would only recommend it if you are under level 90.

Q: Isn’t pyramid plunder faster experience from levels 91-99?

A: As stated early, pyramid plunder is NOT better experience than blackjacking from levels 91-99.

Q: Is blackjacking boring?

A: Many people state that blackjacking is boring, but it all comes down to personal opinion. Personally, I found it fun. I tried pyramid plunder but it wasn’t for me.

Q: I am not getting the average experience rates, am I doing anything wrong?

A: As stated early, your experience rates are different depending on how much you concentrate.

Q: Low levelled players keep bugging me, what should I do?

A: Try to ignore them, if they open the curtain and let a bandit/thug in or let your bandit/thug loose, just politely tell them to go away.

Q: A villagers sometimes re-spawns in my house, is this a bug?

A: No, this is not a bug. Sometimes, NPCs reset their positions if they get stuck. If this annoys you, just guide the rogue villager out.


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