How to Get a Quick Workout!

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First: When you wake up in the morning STRETCH.  Stretching is the best thing for you, I would say.  Follow the stretching for all body parts and then… do pushups or run outside.  This is the best because you can get it out of the way as fast as possible and thus you will free up more time in your day.  And lets be honest – after you are done with work and/or taking classes, the last thing you really want to do is spend an hour plus in the gym!  In fact, working out in the morning, some studies show, is the most beneficial way to receive a work out.  Therefore, I suggest you put those shoes on and go for a half mile to a mile run at a fast pace to raise the heart rate and get your metabolism and blood flowing.

Coming inside, drop and start doing pushups!  This is incredible because you are getting your strength and muscle building in first thing in the morning and right after you were burning fat in your cardiovascular activity beforehand.  Do sets b/w 15-20 reps for beginners and for more advanced- 35-50 reps per set.

In b/w those sets of pushups I recommend highly to do jumping jacks, yes I said it, Jumping Jacks!  This will keep more blood flow, after doing a set of 20-30 Jumping jacks, do some crunches/ab workouts.  This will help build your car and is a good way to mix up a workout in b/w those pushups!

I suggest doing this for 3-5 sets in the morning and this workout should be somewhere b/w 15-30 minutes.  After you are done stretch and shower.  There you go, you just knocked out a muscle building, fat burning, intense workout before your day even started!  Congratulate yourself and eat a great breakfast!

-Lanny B.


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