How to find ways to sleep when you are struggling to at night!

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We all know sleep is one of the most important things for our mind, health and life in general. Sometimes we find ourselves too stressed out with our minds racing or feeling “not right” just before we want to sleep – which creates us to stay away at all endless hours of the night, waking up feeling out of it and just miserable. My article will design methods to help achieve a good overall nights sleep. Enjoy!

For starters, make sure that you are tired. Too many times we go to bed when we are all “wired” and excited/fully awake that trying to go to sleep is darn near impossible. First step is to know that you need sleep – if you don’t need it yet then you can follow these methods below to help make you tired!  I know that it is so tough to lay there knowing you still have energy and thoughts on your mind, so hopefully these help:

Read a book! This works perfect as it isn’t “bright” and you can read until you realize that you are struggling to stay awake. This works the majority of the time. Not only will this help you sleep but it will help you expand your knowledge. For all you college and highschool students – if you want to sleep – read your textbooK! That is a no-brainer : )

Next, if that doesn’t work try to listen to nice, mellow music that makes you happy and peaceful. I am sure you all have your favorite selection of calming songs – put on the headphones or have it on low volume from stereo and let the words carry you to sleep!

Also, Strangely enough, watching TV in bed isn’t such a bad idea. You need to find a show that isn’t so engaging, something that doesn’t force yourself to stay awake. I tend to watch the food network because it is fun to watch but it is okay if I fall asleep and miss it. ESPN is another good one too!

If all else fails – a hot shower sometimes does the trick. It soothes your body and puts your emotions and stress at an ease. This allows you to crawl into bed and close your eyes and be peaceful and one with your dreams. 

All in all, hope these steps work and good luck! Sleep is extremely important so don’t forget about it!  Please post below other methods you have found out that work too!  I am excited to hear!  Anyone having trouble to sleep?  Thanks for stopping by!

-Lanny B.


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