How to find the inauguration photos: Inauguration pictures and videos

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The inauguration photos are in and you can view them on the web. Most News website will have plenty of photos for you to view by the end of today and here are some websites that have some great photos of the inauguration already.The photos will be more available after today as people are trying to get them in and try to process them but you can already view the majority of it here already. You can also save them because they’re special. You can also view lives videos of the inauguration on most News websites because they will have those available for you. This is one the most waited day in the entire month and it’s finally done with. You can also embed the video on your website or just download the video for record keeping. CNN, CBS, youtube, facebook, MSNbc, and most other News websites will have all the videos, photos, and coverage for you. You will not miss it if you visit those websites. The following are websites that you can view the photos that are in. . .… . _rdp,0,7332212.story photos /drewleavy/3213351918/…/In_ photos _ Obama _ Inauguration _-_We_Are_One_concert



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