How to Have your Home prepared for you and your family after you’ve had surgery

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 This is for a person who knows they are going to have a surgery. Not for the emergency surgery you have no forwarning of. I’ve found some things that have made things easier for me. First of all, I checked out my cupboards and refrigerator and decided which foods to buy ahead of time at the grocery storemag-glass_10x10.gif, so the cupboards will be stocked with necessary foods.

Step2 64ILUCAE4ZK29CA5HB4F4CA2CGAFVCAT0A4OJCAZ Cooking, freezing and sometimes canning food

Next I prepared as much food as I could to make the process of cooking simple for my husband. Some of the meals I’d freeze, so all he’d have to do is take them out of the freezer and heat them in the microwave. I’d make sure I’d buy as nutritious foods as possible to help aid in my recovery and healing.


I’d always keep a positive attitude toward my surgery, so those around me feel secure and positive attitudes send off endorphins in your body which naturally help aid in healing.


make my appointments and make a list of bills to be paid and when I’d make all my appointments for post-op surgery as soon as I could. I’d go over my calender and make sure I would have a list of the bills that need to be paid on time, so as not to have any creditors calling while I’m recovering from the surgical procedure.


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