How to make Grandparents house more hazard-proof for children

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Things have changed since your parents were parents! Grandparents nowadays may need a little information on how to child-proof their home effectively without making major changes. If your baby is going to be spending the night at Grandma’s, be sure your infant will not be sleeping in the crib that you slept in as a child. Why not? It probably doesn’t meet today’s safety standards. New portable cribs are a great idea and don’t take up very much space.

 QOT59CAYYGS28CAGNE69TCAMMEK7RCAV9MZFRCAN Pets are great, just don’t leave them alone around babies

 Be careful to never leave your baby unattended around the family pet. A dog may be a man’s best friend, but his reaction to a new baby may not be favorable or predictable. Pets are wonderful for families, just be aware of where they are in relation to your infant or child.


 An Example of a Cupboard safety latch

 Watch out for the toddlers who like to get into cupboards and explore. It’s just the nature of a child to search for whatever they can, in cupboards that are at their eye level. Go to your local hardware store and buy safety latches to install on your cupboards and even on Grandma’s bathroom facilities. These are relatively inexpensive.


medications may be mistaken for candy

 All little explorers will try and put things into their mouths before you can stop them. Suggest to Grandparents to consider childproof caps. Children that learn to open lids will soon be trying to open medication that they may think is candy. Put all medications in a higher more secure place.

 9G9X2CA8FHJZ6CAYIDJIHCADKLUQ8CAD3EVF5CAU Loving hands of grandparent and child

Simply put, their is the realization that childproof caps may hurt the grandparents hands, if they have arthritic conditions, if that be the case, ask your parents to store their medicines in places a child could not reach.


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