Finding Frugal Entertainment

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Every now and again we all like to enjoy a little entertainment. When on a tight budget, though, this can be difficult to achieve on a regular basis. If you are determined to have some fun now and again you can certainly find ways to do so without spending excessively.

In fact, you might be surprised to discover that there are many places where one can be entertained for very little, even for nothing. Using tools such as the internet, a paper and the good old telephone you can find many activities and events to keep you busy every week.

Using your new resources you can grab a few friends and head out for some frugal fun. From students to seniors there is no shortage of interesting events happening in your community all the time, once you know where to look.

Here are a few pointers on finding entertainment that won’t cost you – too much anyways:

1)      Get to know your Facebook events – certainly many of your friends post events for themselves and their friends regularly. They could be a band playing at a bar, a book signing, or an art show. You can not only connect with people you know and catch up but see or hear some great new things in the process.

2)      Take any opportunity to attend local happenings – this could mean high school plays, college concerts, movie screenings or even interpretive dancing. While many of these events may cost you, it will be minimal.  Even a quick trip to our local wine store means a free wine tasting on Friday evenings.

3)      Take advantage – if a friend or family member suggests an evening at their house, jump on it. Likely they are just as eager as you to have a little bit of distraction.

4)      Enjoy the scenery – when was the last time you just took a nice walk around town? See the sights, and maybe discover something new about where you live.

5)      Stay home – okay, this doesn’t really sound like fun but with a little ingenuity and some friends it can actually turn into a hoot and a half. Have everyone contribute one thing: movie, chips, popcorn, or a board game.

6)      Just relax – sometimes we spend far too much time finding ‘things to do’, why? Take out some lawn chairs, mix up a batch of iced tea (or margaritas) and watch the world go by. Not only will you save yourself some dough, but you will also get to unwind a little.

7)      Keep your eyes peeled – tons of local attractions often offer free admission days in order to drum up new interest. Museums, zoos and even some amusement parks routinely offer free or half-off ticket price days. If you have a family then find out if they offer discounts at certain times of the year for annual passes.

Hopefully by considering a few frugal entertaining ideas you can find enough in your budget to save up for some first-class entertainment or something else important. Even by giving up one major night out a month, or week you can take advantage of great savings.

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