Wrap a Gift in a Gift

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Gifts wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbons look festive, but what happens to the paper and ribbon after the gift is unwrapped. If it’s a first birthday or first Christmas gift for a baby, the paper and ribbon might be saved in a baby book. Some might save the ribbon and paper for wrapping presents that they will give later. Most of the time, the ribbon and paper is simply thrown away.

With a little creativity, the wrapping for the gift, or the container in which you put it, could become part of the gift.

Creative Gift Wrapping

One key to creative gift-wrapping is to choose a wrapping that reflects the gift, the person receiving the gift, or the occasion. You can pick out a wrapping that will become part of the gift at the same time you pick out the gift.

If you are picking out a wedding present, you could pick out a decorative basket, line the basket with a linen tablecloth, place the gift on the tablecloth, pull the tablecloth up around each side of the present, and then slide the tablecloth through a set of napkin rings to close it over the top of the gift. If you want, tie a bow to the napkin rings. Linen table napkins are the right size for smaller presents.

The same idea would work for a housewarming present or a host gift, but instead of a linen tablecloth, choose one that suits the personality of the recipient, or the theme of the host’s party. Bath towels or kitchen towels might also make welcome wrappings for housewarming or first apartment gifts.

If you know the housewarming gift is for someone who is going to repaint, a heavy tarp might make a perfect, if less festive, gift-wrap. A tarp or a floor cloth would also be a good wrap for a tool-related gift for any handy person.

Beach towels or a summery tote make a great wrappers for a bon voyage gift for a beach vacation.

If you are buying a gift for someone who sews, purchasing two to three yards of fabric provides a workable length. If you have an idea of what they might make, check similar patterns in the pattern books in the store to estimate how much fabric is required. If you want to purchase enough fabric to allow someone to make curtains, make the fabric the gift. The yards of fabric required to make curtains could swath most gifts in layers and layers and layers of wrapping.

Creative Gift Containers

For a first apartment, a bucket, especially a metal one, makes a good container for cleaning supplies. A mixing bowl, plastic storage bowls, a roaster, or a covered cake plate could hold kitchen items.

While a toolbox would be a good container for a handy-person or for someone who does some of his or her own car maintenance, someone who enjoys fishing would appreciate a tackle box or bait box. A cooler makes a thoughtful container for someone who packs drinks and lunches for a trip to the woods or the beach.

An Added Gift

Wrapping a gift in a gift that the recipient will use gives him or her two gifts in one. It also, in a small way, reduces the use of paper, and reduces the amount of paper that ends up thrown into a landfill. Each gift wrapped in another useful gift represents yet another reduction in the total though. Landfills were built upon small additions; their future growth can.

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