Love and Dream Interpretation

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The human being has tried to decipher the mysterious meaning of his dreams since he perceived their existence, but until today nobody besides me could declare that they know for sure how to immediately translate the meaning of a dream, and prove to you that their interpretation is correct.

I can prove to you that my translations are correct and you can immediately verify their results, thanks to the knowledge you’ll acquire with the translation of your dreams.

Besides that, you’ll learn everything I know and discover how to translate your dreams alone. This is my best proof!

I follow my own method derived from the method of Carl Jung, who discovered the correct way to translate the dream symbols into comprehensible messages for the human conscience. I simplified his method very much, discovering many more symbols, and I have helped many people solve all their problems by translating their dreams, for more than 19 years.

I delayed very much to present my work to the world, but it is perfect. You will be able to verify that my method is a true revelation and that the dream messages are much more precious that what you could imagine!

You have objective information about everything!

The translations you have are accurate and they work like psychotherapy. You can trust the wise unconscious mind that sends you dream messages with information and guidance, because it is your protector. Its function is to protect your mental health from the attacks of the wild side, the anti-conscience, your primitive conscience that is still alive inside you and tries to destroy your human side through craziness.

So, the general meaning behind all dreams is that all dream messages are in fact warnings for the human conscience. You see dreams because you need protection from your wild side.

You may tell me that your dreams are not protecting you at all, but this is because you haven’t learned how to translate their meaning.

You have to learn the dream language, so that you may understand the wise messages you receive everyday in your dreams, helping you solve all the problems of your life. You only have to follow the unconscious’ directions in order to be successful in all fields.

Dreams about the person you love are very simple, and they give you specific guidance about everything that really matters in your relationship.

The same way that the general meaning of all dreams is that they are warnings in different forms, the general subject of all dreams are usually related to the person you love and to your mental health.

The route of your life is given by these two basic factors, and your happiness depends on your wisdom while keeping your mental health and while dealing with love.

If you want to always make the best decisions and prepare your happiness with a solid base, you must take advantage of the possibility you have: learn what the wise unconscious mind has to tell you about your plans.

You simply ask and the next day you receive the answer in a dream. And you can trust the dream messages, while you cannot simply believe in everything that a selfish human being tells you… The unconscious mind is a serious organ that regulates the perfect functioning of your organism and sends you only protective dream messages.

Many people are taking advantage of this incredible possibility to learn the future beforehand and prepare it the way they desire, besides becoming much more intelligent as they develop all their capacities, only by translating their own dreams, without going anywhere and without paying anything to anyone, for all their lives.

One of my students sent me a message at the beginning of this week thanking me for all the knowledge she has acquired thanks to her ability to translate the meaning of her dreams. She is feeling wise and self-confident, besides being able to also help her friends, by translating their dreams for them.

This is fantastic knowledge! And it is so special exactly because you have not only the power to predict the future, but to transform your personality and to change the future development of everything, according to what is good for you!


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