Do you know that you’re living next to 100 registered sex offenders

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It was shocking for me when I look at the list of sex offenders in my areas. I went to the police website and type in my address and found more than 200 sex offenders registered in my neighborhood or within 15 miles from my home. I saw their photos, name, address and what they did. It was kind of frightening now that I look at the list. It’s more frightening when you know that they are out there and not restricted. Yes, sex offenders are scary.

You can find out in your neighborhood about sex offender and where they live. It’s free to search and you can look at the list within seconds. You can put in your address and see where they live and what they did. After I saw many deaths from sex offenders, I would recommend family to educate their young girls and let them know about sex offenders in their area. They should know where they live, what they look like. Perhaps, they should even have a community program where they point to all of these dangerous homes. I’ve seen too many young girls being raped by sex offenders. We should not have to read these stories over and over again. Sex offenders will most likely repeat their offenses again. It’s just a matter of time before they strike.

I never thought that I would live with so many sex offenders but now I know. I think that they can be extremely harmful to little girls around the neighborhood. They live in a good neighborhood and in gated community. When I observed these individuals, I saw that a lot of them look like they were either junkies or mentally ill or have some sort of mental defects. Apparently, normal people don’t do these kinds of things.

You can even print out a list and post it in your home. You can show the photos of these men to your little girls. It’s better to educate and prevent than to have to file a missing person report sometimes. It’s shocking to see how much criminals are living on the loose. They said that statistics show that offenders will most likely to repeat their crime.


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