Things to avoid as a blogger or website owner

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Avoid using copyrighted work or images

It’s illegal to use copyrighted work or images of any authors out there. If you willingly and knowingly do it, you will get in trouble. You can get a lawsuit or you can remove it.

Avoid libel and defamation articles

It’s great to be able to write about most topics but you can get a libel or defamation lawsuit if you write about things that are not factual. This is why you must avoid writing about cases that you are not sure about.

Remove all requested articles right away

If a lawyer asks you to remove an article or a photo, you should remove it right away. If you keep it, you will get a lawsuit. The first step to filing a lawsuit against you is to ask you to remove first. If you fail then it makes the lawsuit even more legitimate. This is why you should remove them when you are being asked to do so.

Don’t use specific company name and photos

If you use their specific photos or company, it should not be damaging to their company. It can be good but not bad news about the company. You can use their name or photos as long as it is in good faith or good promotion but not to make them look bad. You’re risking a lawsuit if you’re talking badly about them. If you don’t know this then you’re being reckless about it.

Avoid damaging articles at all cost

You should never publish damaging articles unless every one else is doing it. It could cost you a lawsuit. If it’s a widely published news then you can do it too but if you dig it on your own, you risk a lawsuit.


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