What to do with employers harassment problems

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Employers do go out of line sometimes too. They bully you whenever that they can and it’s up to you to report them or not. If you let it go, they won’t learn their lessons. If you report them, they will never repeat their mistakes. You do it for yourself and also for other people too. This is why there are laws and court. It’s to deter employers from harassing their employees. Without the court, or laws or labor department, employers wouldn’t even give a penny care about anyone. I’ve worked for many employers and I know that they don’t really care at all.

The law is there to deter unethical human behaviors and even in more sensitive environment like the work environment. This is why there are labor department to help those in needs. If you sweep it under the rug, employers will continue with their dirty deeds. This is why you should bring all matter to light. It seems like employers are never there to protect you but only for themselves. Employers can be selfish. You think that they will help you resolve problems but will find everything opportunity to fire you. It happened to me many times.

You can file a report at your HR office. Usually, HR will try to resolve the problem for you. They will talk to both side and document what is necessary. You must keep in mind that when it comes to serious matter, HR may side their company to prevent losses and will not assist you like they’re bound to. This is why you must seek a higher authority like the police department, court, lawsuit, labor department, equal work commission. Companies can fire you for complaining too much and if it can potentially hurt their companies. If they know that they will lose if you were to sue them, they will not help you but will find everything that they can to fire you. They will try to deny it. Yes, this is how most employers are. If you have legal woes, you know that this is the implicit truth.


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