What to do with a dysfunctional family

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Try communication

If you can still talk to your family about the problems, you should do so. Communication is the key to getting things resolve. If things are really out of control, you can get older relatives involved like grandparents, aunt or uncle. Usually older people can have authority over your family.

Remove yourself from the fights

You can remove yourself from fights. If your parents fight all the time and it bothers you, you can remove yourself by going out to a library, Starbucks, or bookstore. You can find a regular place to go out and don’t stay at home when they fight. If your siblings or your parents fight with you, you can remove yourself from them so you don’t fight with them.

Don’t fight back

You won’t get a lot of result by fighting back with aggressive people. It only makes it worst. The best way is to keep quiet even though you disagree with them.

Mind your own business

You should mind your own business. Even if your parents fight or your siblings fight, you should keep quiet. It doesn’t help if you tell them to stop or to tell them that they’re wrong. People who love to fight will continue disregard less of your efforts.

Save money

You should save money just in case you need to move out. Money will be really helpful. When you don’t have money, you can’t do much to help out your situation.

Work on plans to move out

If problems are out of hand, the best way out of family problems are to move out. You can’t change old people or people who don’t want peace. You can only change yourself. You should move out when you can because your life will change when you don’t see these people anymore.

Get authorities involved

If you can’t communicate or get your family to negotiate, then you should get authority involved. You should let authority know and try to get help. If there are under age kids, social workers can help by interfering in the home. Sometimes, authority can put a stop to family violence.


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