There can be Hell family too

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Hell kitchen is a great show on TV. I watched it several times and I really like it. I think it’s a great TV show because there are a lot of Hell kitchen out there. However the word Hell just come to me like it would be great for other categories too. You have hell family, hell work place, hell relationship, hell neighbors, or even hell community. I think that there are a lot of stories that can be derived the word hell. I thought I talk about hell family. It seems to me that not one family can get away with the word hell family because each family has its own hell. I don’t have to look far. Right inside of my family is a really bad hell and also my relatives. Not one of my relatives have a non-hell family. Yes, family can be from hell too.

It’s really interesting when you watch the Hell episode of Hell kitchen. You would get to see fights from restaurants owners, dirty kitchen, dirty restaurants, horrible food and major disorganizations. However, when the hell chef doctor steps in, he fixed most of the problems due to his expertise. I feel like it can be done to families too and I’ve seen shows that have done it like talk shows. Oprah show seems to address a lot of family hell problems. There aren’t that many families that go without problems. They must be really lucky to have no problems at all.

I think a lot of family can relate to these hell stories. It’s like seeing their own family on TV or in an article. Telling my own family hell story is a starter for those who want to read more about it. My parents have a terrible marriage since I was a kid. I think that their terrible marriage just kind of ruin the rest for all the children. If they fight all the time, they can’t sit down and talk about kids. They take all of their woes out on us. Yes, it was a terrifying marriage for the children to live with too.

I have three brothers who are also hell kids. They don’t listen and they get into a lot of trouble with the law. They get into legal problems. It cost our family a lot rescue them out. We went broke over these kids. Yes, children are costly. Who says that they come with a perfect future? It’s unpredictable. Even when we are in our thirties, our parents still fight and take things out on us. My brothers still get into fights every now and then. It has improved because they get tired of the drama too. However, my family was a hell family. It would be really good on TV. I’m sure there are plenty of children out there with hell family. It’s good to know that you’re not alone. This is why I don’t believe in having a lot of children. You create another hell that you wish it was never there.


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