How to Know If a Man is In Love with You

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Men hide their real feelings many times, because they are very afraid of rejection. Other times they are the lovers that feel attracted to every woman and start showing them their interest, only because they are thinking about sex.

If you care about revealing signs that a man is in love with you, even though he is trying to hide his feelings, pay attention to the following characteristics in his behavior:

1. He is indifferent to your presence, to a degree that makes you feel as insignificant as if you were non existent.

2. He starts provoking you problems, in a camouflaged form, in order to have the chance to approach you without revealing his feelings.

3. He is too enigmatic, distant, unpredictable, strange, and never says anything about himself or his life.

Nothing romantic… But these are the real signs of his interest.

If he is in love with you, he is not going to give you flowers or start smiling each time he sees you for example, unless he is the kind of man who is simply looking for sexual pleasure.

In this case he won’t be afraid to reveal his interest to you because he won’t be your slave: on the contrary, he is going to use you as a sexual object, and he has no feelings for you.

When he is in love, he is very afraid to reveal his real feelings because he doesn’t want to be your slave. He wants to dominate you, his girlfriend or wife, instead of being dominated by you.

Men have their masculine pride, and this is why they want to appear in society as if they were always very strong…

Of course, there are exceptions, like the type of man that enjoy giving gifts and being protective, as if they were their partner’s father. They have courage enough to reveal their feelings, believing that they will easily be able to conquer the woman they like with their charm and generosity.

These are exceptions, though.

Usually, you’ll meet very afraid men, who have no courage to reveal to you their real feelings, and will try to make you do something in order to attract them, approach them, etc. while they will keep pretending that they are totally indifferent to your existence.

Be patient and try to help them somehow. If you encourage them, things will be easier for both of you.

If you are too shy and insecure though, your relationship with the man you love may be totally platonic; in other words: you’ll only flirt from a distance, and nothing else.

Without your collaboration, he is not going to break the ice…

On the other hand, you may be afraid to reveal to him your feelings, because he is too handsome, and many other women show interest in him.

In this case you have to be very careful, because he might be too proud and consider all women as sexual objects, without feeling anything for anyone.

Look for men who will love you and respect you, and help them approach you without making things too difficult. Avoid the very handsome types, because they are never loyal to any woman, and you’ll be probably hurt by their behavior.


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