Why Do We Need To Learn Ground Fighting?

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Our economy is bad, high unemployment rates, increase taxes, high prices, and more crimes. Self defense is one area where we can at least defend ourselves from predators who want to rob, assault, kill, and rape us. There’s no guarantee that we’re able to escape the cruelty of crimes, but at least we can avoid or do our best to defend and escape from it.

Most people would want to pick a style such as boxing, karate, taekwondo, and so on. These are great martial arts to learn from and are good art of self defense, however, when an assailant wants to subdue you in an isolated place, he will take you down to the ground, put his whole weight on you, and subdue you as much as he can.

We see ground fighting a lot. One martial art tournament that exhibits ground fighting is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC. UFC shows lots of highly skilled martial artists around the world. Since UFC unfolded in 1993, stand up fighters began incorporating stand up techniques with ground fighting. Jiu-jitsu is one of the most common ground fighting style that’s being used a lot. It shows that stand up fighting alone is not effective against someone who knows ground skills in fighting.

Why do we need to learn ground fighting?

One reason is, 90% of physical fights end up on the ground and if you don’t know how to fight or defend yourself from someone that wants to assault or rape you, then you’re in deep trouble.

As mentioned earlier in this article, assailants would want to take their victims on the ground, rapists and sex offenders are perfect examples of criminals who overpower their victim.

Although ground fighting will be less effective with multiple assailants, or enemies, it will always come in handy when an unexpected encounter occurs.

My personal suggestion when taking a self defense class or a martial art is to pick an art that is able to fight both standing up and on the ground. In my opinion, Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are the best combination of art that one has to learn in order to defend themselves.


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