Dream Interpretation About Money and Gambling – The Meaning of Dreaming About Cash and the Casino

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 For many of us, some of our most enjoyable dreams are about making money and gambling. Nocturnal adventures concerning free money or casinos are often pleasurable and fun. But what is the real meaning and message behind these dreams? Here are some possibilities.


 Ever wake up from a dream about money or gambling with a clear knowing of what you need to do to increase your prosperity? Synchronistic, or meaningful coincidence dreams, that foretell future events, are exciting to experience. According to the Law of Attraction principle, our strong focus on money situations we want to occur causes the Universe to arrange events, and provide us with signs of how to reach our desires.

 A friend’s recent dream is a great example of this. She awoke one morning with the refrain, “the 2 and the 3, and the two underneath”, repeating in her mind. Her feeling of assurance about the importance of this message was so strong that she immediately drove to a nearby casino and bet the numbers 2, 3, 12, 13, 22, and 23 on a keno game slot machine. My friend won $1,200 for her bet.

 Similarly I once dreamed of playing a particular type of penny slot machine and winning a big jackpot. In this dream the clarity centered more on what type of game to play instead of how to play. A few days later I followed the synchronicity’s nudge and won a $2,600 jackpot.


 Sometimes dreams may guide us indirectly to our financial goals by suggesting types of jobs, or careers in which we would easily make money and enjoy. Or they may suggest different, more lucrative ways of working within a field where we wish to remain.

At times of uncertainty, transition points, dreams about making money can be very helpful. In one of my own dreams, for example, I was reminded that one could avoid feeling isolated while writing by working independently in a busy environment surrounded by lots of active people. I followed this guidance and solved a problem that had been bothering me.


 Another way dreams concerning gambling or money may provide guidance is as warnings concerning personal issues that need to be addressed. A friend of mine enjoyed casino gambling as a fun pastime, and went often. As her elderly mother who lived with her began requiring more attention and care, my friend’s trips to the casino increased. At this point she dreamed of taking her Mom to the casino and losing her. While this occurred the slot machine in front of her was clearly focused but everything else was blurred. My friend saw the self-help message of her dream – that when she focused too much on gambling, everything else, including her mother was lost!


 Sometimes dreaming about money and related objects can be symbolic for the degree of abundance we are experiencing in our lives. For example, a dream might involve money in a wallet, a boxful of costly jewelry, or a roomful of valuable antiques. It can be helpful to note the amount of the “riches” in the dream as well as their source – are the valuables increasing or decreasing, were they there all along or a new “find”? An example of this type of guidance might be the common theme dream of finding a previous undiscovered room in your home or even a whole new house full of valuables of some kind. Money dreams of this nature can help us become aware of treasure we already own or have within our own personal makeup.


 Finally, we have probably all experienced dreams about inheriting, finding, or spending lavish amounts of money. Nothing similar materialized later in waking life, but while in our dream world we have a wonderful time. I think that may be the entire worthwhile purpose of these dreams – for us to experience the relaxation, fun, and excitement of our prosperous adventures.


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