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Everyone wants to earn money – so why not earn money online.   These are get rich quick schemes but with a little effort and time you can make quite a bit of money from some these websites.

1) Writing articles and reviews

There are many websites which will pay you for writing articles and reviews online.   One of my favourites is Bukisa where you it is easy to use and easy to understand.  Simply put you write articles on anything you want (within reason) and you get paid a set amount per 1000 views.  You also retain copyright for these articles so could post them on other sites.  You get paid by Paypal when you reach the minimum payout and I have been paid by them.  You can read more about Bukisa here and sign up using this link http://www.bukisa.com/join/7524

I also write for a site called Dooyoo where you can post reviews and you earn money for them.  You get 50p for writing a decent review and you probably need to write about 250 words really and 1.5p for every member who reads your review. 

You can also post your reviews on Ciao and you earn money depending on how many ratings you receive and how much Ciao thinks the product is worth to the site.  e.g. you will get paid more for a review on a TV than a chocolate bar normally.  You can also earn money through the Premium Fund and more.

There are other websites you can write for but these are my favourites.

2)  You can also take surveys online and earn money.

One of my favourite ones is GlobalTestMarket.

Here is a review of some other survey sites which I have found useful in the past!  It is on Dooyoo to show you what the format looks like and show you an example of a good review!


3)  You can also get money through cashback sites.

I have just recently discovered some fantastic sites which actually give you money off shopping! These are called cashback sites. The top one is called Topcashback and gives you over 100% commission, has no admin fee and has no minimum payout!  You get money back when you buy something like you would normally but just go through the link on the website!  For example if I buy a new CD for £8.00  I might get 4% cashback.  I should get £0.32 back for about 2 seconds extra work.  However you can earn up to about £100 for things like car insurance, phone contracts and broadband!  I have been paid many times by Topcashback and they are my favourite cashback site!  Here is a link to explain it in more detail! Join Topcashback

4)  Another way to earn money online is PTC (Paid to click)

I don`t recommend this as you earn very little but some people do.  Apparently the best site is neobux.com but I have not tried any of them myself!

5)  You can earn money through having a website or blog and advertising and referring people to websites.

The most popular program to get paid for adverts is Google Adsense and you get paid an amount for every click which comes from your site.  Some people earn thousands a month if they have a popular website or you might get £1/$1 a month if you have a very small website.

You can also join a referral program like TradeDoubler which you get paid a small commission for everyone who buys a product through your site.  A popular one is Amazon as it is well known and people might buy a new video game for $50/£40 and you get maybe $5 or whatever.

Overall as you can see there are loads of ways to earn money online and the best way to earn is to just start and learn from your mistakes!

Thanks for reading!

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