How to save PS2 games

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The PS2 memory card is practically an essential if you have a Playstation 2 as without one you will not be able to save your games so will have to complete all your games in a single sitting or you will have to restart your game every time you want to stop playing! 

The memory cards are available in various colours and I have a blue and a black one. They are quite small and fit nicely in the memory card slots in your Playstation 2. The card is quite small and does not take up much room. The card also weighs 12 grams which shows you it weighs very little. 

With this card you can save up to 8 megabytes of game data which is loads for most of the games on the system but there are a few games which take up loads of room. An example of this is Gran Turismo 4 which takes up I think roughly 3 or 4 megabytes which is half of the memory. 

To view all your data you go to the browser and you can see all your saved data. You can also delete data if you think it is useless and copy it onto another memory card which is quite a good feature if you have more than one memory card or want to take one around someone house e.t.c. I did however on one of my cards get something called corrupted data which took up about an eighth of the space which was annoying and I could not delete it! I think this was my fault though and not the card`s! 

It is reasonably quick to save games and the card works perfectly well. Apparently this card is 200 times faster than the original Playstation memory cards. There is nothing wrong with this card but I think the one thing the original Xbox had over it was a hard drive with gigabytes of data so you never had to delete anything and this is what is so nice about the current generation of consoles! 

You can also get larger size cards but these are not the official Sony ones but I think they work just as well.


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