How to find the best price for MP3`s

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + is the site you want to check out to get the best prices for MP3`s and the main aim of this website is to save you money while searching for music to buy.

It is basically a music price comparison site and does nothing more or less and works perfectly. The website has a simple easy to use design and look which is good. You simply can type in any song or album you would like to see the prices for and find the cheapest results from a selection of retailers. 

For example I searched for I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas and the cheapest result is 50p for the MP3 single from 7digital and the most expensive is £1.49 from Orange with Itunes being 99p. As you can see you could have saved 99p from not buying it from Orange which is enough to buy the track from Itunes which is still one of the most expensive places to buy your tracks from! Put simply though instead of just buying songs in Itunes you should check this website first to see where it is cheapest. 

Basically though you should just check this site out for any music purchases and it proves Itunes are not the best place to download music from now especially with most of their new songs going up from 79p to 99p! 

The website also has useful features which tells you things like what the most searched for things are and the biggest price difference. The biggest price differences for albums are roughly £30 and while I can`t see anyone downloading these at ridiculous prices it makes you think! The site also tells you the top 40 albums and singles and the best prices for them. 

The site also tells you the best prices for CD`s compared to MP3`s and is worth looking at too as I prefer having a CD to just a digital copy of something and sometimes they are only like a £1 more or even cheaper than the MP3 versions!

It is a brilliant site that will help you get the best price for MP3`s!

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