Haitians and the practice of voodoo

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What is voodoo?

Voodoo was brought by slaves from West Africa, which believers contend that nature is guided by spiritual forces which are honored through offerings and animal sacrifice, trances and rituals. The practice of voodoo revolves around family spirits called loua or MistE which they believe protect their children from bad fortune. The families feed the loua through rituals that involve food and drink.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary states that voodoo is:

voodoo use of or belief in sorcery, etc. current among W. Indies and U.S. Negroes and creoles. XIX. — Dahomey vodu.

The World Encyclopedia :

voodoo Religious belief of African origin. It is prevalent in parts of Africa, but is better known as the national religion of Haiti. Adherents believe in the reincarnate qualities of Loa, which include deified ancestors, local gods and Roman Catholic saints. Loa possesses the believers during dreams or ceremonies, which include dancing and hypnotic trances.

My thoughts: As a Christian, I am disturbed by the determination of the Haitian people to continue with their voodoo practices. I understand that for many, this is all they know. It has been taught and practiced for generations. Voodoo, Satan worship, the occults, black magic and whatever else you want to call it, just gives me the creeps and is not something you want to mess with. I believe there are evil spirits and demons in and below the Earth and they are powerful and dangerous. As a Christian, I am not so much afraid of these spirits as I am on guard for my soul.  My heart goes out to the Haitian people.

Reaching the Embassy of Haiti :


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