How to get paid for reffering your friends to a free social network

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There is a saying that you can know the whole world through knowing just 10 friends this is the princaple that 6dgr has incorporated.  Now you can get rewarded for reffering friends and collegues while at the same time making residual income month after month.  To get paid you simply sign up under someones invite link.  You fill out the required informationg and put a picture and sign up for a free debit card that 6dgr pays for.  There is a $4.95 monthly fee for the card but 6dgr pays for it as long as after 60 days of joining you can get at least 5 friends a month to join under you the site continues to pay for the debit card.   You  also have 6 levels of people helping you in your network get your five refferals a month so this is very easy to accomplish.  You get paid $3.00 per every new friend you refer after the sign up for one of the free debit cards and put up a profile picture.  When your friends that you signed up invite there friends to join then you get paid $2.00 for every freind they bring in to the site.  When there friends bring in thier friends then you get paid $1.00 for every friend they bring in on your 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th level.  You also get a percentage every month of what your entire network spends on thier debit card as well in addition to your 6 levels of pay.

To get your friends to join this site simly go to other social networks that aren’t paying a dime like myspace, facebook, friendster, etc.  There are so many social networks that aren’t paying there members for socializing so its very easy to invite new friends to join your network.  You can even put up You tube videos and do video responses torelated  videos with allot of page  views to get people to look at your site.  You should have a title that catches peoples attention like My Space is dead on a high traffic myspace video.  You can also post free ads in craigslist and leave your phone number and email address as well.

You can also use your site to make money in other places as well.  There are sites like Yuwie and Zenzuu that also social networks that pay you money for inviting friends. Unfortunately Yuwie pays you pennied for refferal and Zenzuu is yet to really pay its members so If you recruit someone from Yuwie you can have them sign up for Zenzuu to get leads for 6dgr.  If you recruit someone from Zenzuu you can have them sign up for Yuwie to get leads for 6dgr.  Skype is another free site that is great for training.  If you have your new friends sign up for a skype account so you can train them over the phone how to make money on 6dgr then you have just created 4 streams of income just by using one site that actually pays you allot of money just for making friends.

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