Things To Do When You Have Just Joined Facebook

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So you’ve jumped on the band wagon and registered a Facebook account, now what? Facebook have created six useful tools, which you can access by logging in, for you to use as a new member, and here’s why and how to use them.

1. Search your email for friends already on Facebook

Facebook has more than 400 million users already, so chances are a good few of your friends are already using Facebook, meaning that you will be able to connect with those people straight away. This tool allows you to search your email contacts for friends already on Facebook, and it only takes a few seconds. Because you are only inviting people in your email contact list, you can also be sure that you are only inviting people that you know to your page.

2. Upload a Profile picture

You should upload a profile picture to your Facebook so that people who know you can easily double check that they are interacting with the correct person. Its best to use a photo that just has you in it, as group photos can be confusing when searching for someone on Facebook. You can easily upload your profile photo by clicking Upload a photo, and then selecting the photo that you want to use from your computer. Alternatively, if you have a webcam, you can click on Take a Photo to take a new picture of yourself to use on your profile.

3. Fill out your Profile information

Filling out your profile information is important for similar reasons to uploading a profile picture, as it helps people who know you to find you, and be able to read about you if you become Facebook friends. You can fill out as much or as little information as you want, however adding information such as your phone numbers can be useful as Facebook creates a phonebook for your Facebook friends (not everyone) to view.

4. Activate your mobile phone

If you want to, it’s possible to connect your mobile phone to Facebook, without using mobile internet. You will receive texts updating you on selected friends status’, and other things relevant to you. If you have a phone with internet, you can visit either or for the smartphone version.

5. Find people you know

You can search for friends that might already be on Facebook using the search box. This is a quick and easy way of finding what/who you want on Facebook, allowing you to simply search for someone’s name, and the correct person will most likely be the first person in the search results. This is because Facebook sorts its search results to be relevant for each user. You can also use the search box to search for wall posts, applications, groups, pages, and anything else on Facebook. If you ever need to find it, it’s at the top of every page.

6.Control what information you share

Last, but certainly not least, you should read about how to control what information you share with other Facebook users. this is important to understand, because its the difference between sharing your life with just a few friends, and sharing your life with everyone on Facebook! Don’t let this be a worry about privacy on Facebook, it is just important to understand how to choose who views what about you online.

Hopefully you have now found all your real life friends on Facebook, placed a profile picture on your page, written some information about yourself, activated your mobile phone with Facebook, and learned about how to control what you share with the rest of Facebook. Not bad for a few minutes work!


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