3 Reasons Income Is Never Easy or Free To Make

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“There is no such thing as free lunch.” You have heard this one, right? Easy money or generating income out of nothing is something that is supposedly an absurd idea, but then there are still those who are getting lured to different online schemes that offer instant money by just reading an ebook, buying a DVD, clicking to a certain website, purchasing a program, entering into an MLM program, or anything you can think of. Money and income is not something that is easy to come by.

I’ll give you 3 reasons why:

1. If it is, then everybody should be rich by now. As simple as that. Just think: if income falls right on the palms of your hands like manna that falls from the sky, then why should we bother working at all? Income is hard earned money and nothing less.  
2. No one becomes rich by just sitting around and doing nothing. How many people do you know who started as a couch potato and ended as a very rich guy? How many couch potatoes do you know who ended as stubborn, overweight and lazy individuals?

3. Even if there are people working for you, you still have to do something. Not because you have established a firm that generates income doesn’t mean you are assured that it will continue to earn well. If you have been in any business for quite some time, you know very well that stopping and letting the nature takes its course is just another word for bankruptcy.

So the next time you think about instant income, I hope these reasons alone can convince you that it will never work.  

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