Flip Flops

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Flip flops – – – an undying craze of women, no matter what age, no matter what style, no matter what looks they carry. Though these cute little things we love to wear have been around since the 60’s, nobody really looked at it as a trend. In fact, flip flops were more of a household or garden thing. Perhaps the most it could go is when taken to a quick errand to the groceries. These things were comfy alright, but nobody would dare team it up with their everyday ensemble. And the footwear’s future in the industry seemed very lucid until big brands started taking notice. Around early 2000’s, names like Havaianas and Old Navy breathed new life into this footwear, which, changed the course of flip flop’s history.

Incorporating the comfort of the footwear into fun, festive and colourful designs of today, flip flops are now seen in all colors and patterns never would have thought to be fused into the then old boring slip-ons. And one style after another and one color combination after another, cute flip flops started filling the racks of footwear shoppes and online retail pages. The adorable and attractive slippers have now captured the hearts and closets of women, and soon, every woman must not just own one – – – but would try to own the most flip flops she could get her hands on. Apart from the truly delightful appeal, the affordability of this fun footwear is another attraction and owning a dozen or more wouldn’t hurt at all.

Since then women can’t just get enough of this new craze, and year by year, nobody can seem to get over the fascination on flip flops with the newer and cuter designs constantly pouring in. From dresses, jeans, short, skirts and leggings – – – from the sassiest to the most formal attires, you would be amazed how women have stretched the limits of this trend. Then, celebrities thought they needed to be comfortable too. Soon, flip flops are seen not just along boardwalks, malls, coffee shops, but even to work, formal events and the red carpet. Til now, newer variations of the footwear continue to come and go, but the allure of flip flops remained to stay. The comfort, fun and beauty of this trend will forever be embraced by women.


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