Make It Special ! How To Write Interesting On Boring Subjects. Fp Style

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No doubt , they offer a model. First of all, for those who write on topics outside the mainstream range of subjects. Secondly, it’s a model for all those who write. Period. Even if you write on a very popular theme. It’s about applying the simple rules of copywriting and content marketing strategies, no matter the domain.

Those 3 golden techniques

No, is not better informed than any other important site on, well…foreign policy. Nor his contributors are remarkably better than others. Still, it’s easy to notice that it’s by far more attractive. It’s readable. It’s surprising. Why is that ? Well, it’s about those 3 golden techniques you should apply for your own articles. It’s about very interesting headlines. About changing the angle. And about making it special.

Killer headlines

Nothing’s more important than a good headline. You don’t have it, you considerably lower your chances of being read. Which is essential, especially if you’re paid for the number of views you have, on sites like Bukisa or Associated Content. Let me give you a few examples. I’m sure most people would be intrigued  after they read a headline like ,,The Iraqi candidate who kidnapped my father’’. And would want to open the article just to find out what it’s all about. The same, when you read ,,Can Putin really fingerprint 5 million Caucasian ?’’. You got the essential, right ?

That’s why, Foreign Policy takes good care of its headlines. The editor modifies and improves the original , less-appealing headlines, which you can only read after you open the articles. Most of you don’t have something like that, I’m sure. That’s why you should do it yourself. Knowing that rhetoric questions work as headlines. That headlines like ,,the guy who…’’ work. That non-rigid headlines who relate to the popular culture work.

Change that angle

Let’s say you write on a subject. Others will probably do the same. But you can be better than them, right ? Give more information. Saying the same thing, but better. It could help. But if you want to be noticed, do something else. Change the angle. Everybody is writing about what’s bad in, let’s say, a sharp drop in foreign investments. You do the opposite. Write about what’s good in that, how this means your country can setup  an economy less dependent on foreign investments. Just an example.

I want it special !

Yes, there are subjects totally non-spectacular for many people. Just imagine who would want to read an article about corruption in the families of some relatively unknown country presidents. What if you make it spectacular ? What if you write about ,,The world’s worst sons ?’’ Soon followed by another article, again by FP – ,,The world’s worst daughters’’. Yep, it’s a list. Remember this. And apply. Even if you write about, let’s say, rabbits, you will be more successful if your approach is similar. ,,Five ways my good rabbit goes bad’’ is better than ,,Scientific approaches in rabbit psychological behavior’’. It’s all about this. It’s not necessarily about the specialist you are. It’s about how you sell it.

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