Solar Panel Systems For The Home

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Solar panel heating is increasingly becoming more talked about. With the prices of everything going up and incomes unsteady, many home owners are wondering what they can do for the long term. Saving money on heating bills is always a great idea, but also knowing that it is helping the environment makes it an even sweeter deal. There are four solar panel PV (photovoltaic) modules that are comparative to each other and all provide quality solar heating for the comfort of your home.

Sanyo makes a PV module that is 190 wattage. It is 17.4% efficient which is even higher than the going average of 12%. It takes ten years to pay for itself, but experts feel that with new emerging technology that it will soon decrease to 3-5 years. It contains patented heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer HIT technology. It can maximize its power in a fixed space which makes it an excellent solar panel system to have. It also provides a lower de-rating temperature than its rivals.

A lower de-rating means that as the temperature increases, Sanyo produces more electricity than conventional crystalline silicone modules.

Evergreen is another top solar panel maker. It contains evergreen spruce series and the PV modules are maxed out for grid-tied solar power. This system can work with high voltage input and MPPT charge controllers creating OutBack power MX60.

It features anti-reflective glass, anodized aluminum frames, 108 cells per panel and water tight junction boxes. This system is great because you can out weight the manufactures energy with solar panel energy in as little as 18 months.

Kyocera is another quality solar panel provider. It works on a 190 wattage solar system and delivers exceptional quality. This product is 15% efficient so just above average and offers a 20 year warranty. This solar system is also a few hundred dollars less than its competition.

Uni-Solar is a solar panel manufacture that can provide three types of solar panels. Framed, flexed and foldable. The framed modules are for permanent placement and contain no glass technology and come in a twenty year warranty. The flexed panels are idea for any curved edges or slopes and the foldable are the most durable. They are easy to carry and mount and are designed for ruggedness performance and reliability.

These panels contain amorphous silicon technology and contain no glass for a more durable experience.

When you are searching for the right solar power panels it is best to do your research and find panels that are right for your house, neighborhood and climate. If you are prone to hail storms or high winds, there might be a company that specializes in hardy panels. Areas with lots of sun or not very much sun in the winter might find that there are companies that design modules to look after those special needs.

The government provides many incentives for going greener and installing solar panel heating to your home, so it pays for itself in more ways than one. In a few years you will have paid for your system and then get reaped with the rewards of free electricity!

Solar panel modules have come a long way in technology and feature products and features that can really blend into the roof of the home and look like they were supposed to be there. There is nothing ugly about them, in fact they help a home to look more beautiful because it lets everyone know that you care for the environment and are making a productive change and contribution to the planet.

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