Concepts OF School Administration And Supervision

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Indeed the works of administration and supervision are inevitable in ensuring that things will be done well in the school or office and are according to the standards. The part that these two functions employ in such manners will evoke the staff to fully realize the possibilities of usefulness. I personally believe that the effectiveness of these functions is determined by supervisor and administrator’s capacity to improve the work of others. if they are not able to make this contribution, then what value are they adding? The only ultimate justification of their existence is the improvement of the work of their subordinates. If they fail in this way they fail as supervisors or administrators.

True enough, the major functions of supervision had played a key role in the development of the public education system by monitoring the quality of schools and by supporting their improvement. However, in the Philippines, especially in the public schools, these services and functions are under increasingly heavy critique because of their failure to have a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning. In some cases, particularly in my field of specialization, plans are numerous but lose touch with the rationale of the implementation. Our supervisors failed to gain clarity around the tasks to be achieved and how they are to be undertaken. There are also projects implemented but no evaluation and follow up being employed. Apparently this failure is, in part caused by a series of poor supervision and planning decisions.

With the involvement department of education in monitoring school improvement efforts, supervisory responsibilities have increasingly encompassed the tasks at the higher end of this list. In turn, these responsibilities involve supervisors in much more complex, collaborative, and develop-mental efforts with teachers, rather than with the more strictly inspectorial responsibilities of an earlier time.


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