How To Be Noticed When Your Interested In A Man

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It’s not unusual for a woman to fight for a man’s attention. It’s even more common for a woman to do so when there is competition. Since a good man is hard to find , there is always competition for winning the heart of a good man. The best way to do this is to show your attributes and not by tearing down the other person. By doing this it makes a woman look as if she doesn’t have enough good things about herself to win the fight. Here are a few points to remember when trying to win a mans heart.

Step 1

In any competition in life a sure way of taking the lead is to be different and unique. If your not that good in one area then find an area your good at and shine in that.A good way to win a man over is to outshine anyone when it comes to being confident and passionate.

Step 2

Another way that will make you shine is to show taht you are mature by not giving in to the lowliness of putting other people down to make you look better. A woman is always into a woman who has class and shows it.

Step 3

Since you are not going to waste your time in trying to make the other person look bad, you can use that time to check out the competition and see what your up against. This will show you what your up against and if you two have the same weaknesses or strengths


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