Top 5 Signs of Premature Labor

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So you are sitting at the movie theater and you start to have contractions.  You are at a friend’s house, go to the rest room, and discover you are bleeding.  You wake up in the middle of the night adn find you are leaking fluid everywhere.  Well first don’t panic!  Stress can only cause added harm if it is premature labor.  Stay calm, breathe deeply, and relax.  If you are in early labor it is best to go to the ER (Emergency Room)or to your Labor and Delivery check in area quickly and calmly.

So what are the top 5 signs that you might be in premature labor

  1. Contractions.  If you are having more than 5 contractions in one hour you need to seek medical attention.  Especially if they are every so many minutes apart.  Say like 1 contraction very 10 minutes.
  2. Bleeding or loss of mucus plug.  If you are bleeding or having heavy spotting, or if you have lost your mucus plug you will need to call your doctor right away.
  3. Lose of fluid.  If you feel like you have a leak (alot of fluid coming from your vagina) then you should be seen to make sure there is not a whole or leak in your amniotic sac.  The check for this is fairly simple and fast.
  4. Lower back pain.  If you have lower back pain, or even a persistent dull ache, then  call your doctor and let him know. 
  5. Feeling pressure.  If you feel the pressure in your pelvic area and you feel the urge to push.  Get seen quickly.

I know that I have stressed this every point, for these symptoms medial attention should be sought soon.  So if you are experiencing any of these know that the sooner you get it checked out the better for you and your child.  You know your body and if something does not feel right make sure the doctor understands your concerns and exactly how you are feeling.  IF you feel they are not, this is the time to disagree.  Make sure if the doctor tells you everything is fine, that you are comfortable with the decision and your questions have been answered.

I am an advocate on prematare labor because I have experienced this first hand.  And I had staff that did not take my complaints and issues to heart.  Or thought because I was a first time mother I had no real knowledge of my body or what it should be doing.  As a result of being misdiagnosed at 24 weeks, I delivered my twins at 25 weeks.  So please know this article is not to scare you, but inform you so that you can have the safety, happiest, and healthiest pregnancy possible.


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