How To Make It Easy To Find The Right Internet Provider Fit For You

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There are a few factors that will limit your ISP choices. They would be the type of device used,type of internet connection and service desired as well as geographical location. Depending on where you live there may be limits on what type of service you can have. The following list can help you understand the factors you need to consider when choosing your ISP.

Step 1  Points to consider about the services.
Are you able to use the browser of your choice?
How many e- mail addresses can you have?
Do they offer any special member features of benefits.
Is there space available for posting a personal web site or personal photos?
What is the size limit on incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and attachments

Step 2  Points to consider about the speed.
What’s the maximum speed and usual downstream from my ISP to my PC?
What’s the maximum speed for the upstream?
Does the service slow down when there is high traffic or bad weather conditions ?

Step 3  Points to consider about the support.
Is there 24 hour technical support available?
How long will I have to wait on a response after I submit a problem via website or email?
Do I have to pay for technical support?

Step 4  Points to consider about the Cost.
What is the monthly cost for service?
If it’s a dial up is there a local telephone number to avoid long distance charges?
Is there a set up fee? Is there any extra charges for any hardware needed(modem, transceiver)


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