How to stand out at a job interview

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Keep in mind that the interview is the critical element to determine if you get the job or not. Although you have an impressive cover letter and resume,the interview allows the employer to see you as a person and gives them a chance to ask you questions that are not answered in a resume.
There are important points to follow before, during and after an interview that will make you shine during an interview.

Step 1  As soon as you schedule your interview it is important for you to go on the internet and research the companies history, financial situation, and what it stands for.Learn everything you can about the company so that you will be prepared for any questions that are asked that are related to the company as well as showing your interest in the company.

Step 2  It’s very important to get a good nights sleep the night before the interview.By doing this you will be mentally alert and sharp as well as looking sharp.

Step 3  The night before you want to get together the clothes you will be wearing. This is important because you want to make sure everything is clean, fits right, and is appropriate for an interview. Wearing the wrong thing can result in a negative first impression.

Step 4  Arrive to your interview at least 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled interview. It’s better to be there early than to be late due to unexpected delays such as waking up late, difficulty finding address, or even traffic jams.

Step 5   Take advantage of being early and pay attention to the area your sitting in so that you can get more insight about how the company is ran.

Step 6  The first impression involves the way you give a handshake. You should give a nice firm handshake and good eye contact which should be maintained throughout the interview.

Step 7  Your body language can tell alot about you. You may reveal things you do not want known.So the important thing is to sit erect and maintain a good posture.

Step 8  At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity to interview with them. When you get home don’t hesitate sending the interviewer a letter thanking them for taking the time to discuss your candidacy as well as taking the time to interview you.


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